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Morickap Resort

Welcome to Morickap Luxury Resort

3500 feet above sea level at the southern tip of the Deccan Plateau in Western Ghat`s mountain ranges, stands a world-class resort that captures the beauty of its pristine setting. With majestic views of the mountains and valley, the Swiss chalet-inspired architecture blends rather nicely with Coffee plantation it sits snuggly in.

At the Resort

Accomodation Wayanad
Restaurant in Wayanad
Places to Visit Wayanad
Spa in Wayanad

It’s a journey with no fuss. Whether you crave all the choices in the world, or you’d rather make none at all, we’ll make sure you’re free from all distractions. Let us take care of all the details, giving you the opportunity to spend your precious time on what’s important to you. Your personal retreat, your family reunion, your exclusive venue together. Our resort brings you closer to the things that really matter.

Discover a sophisticated standard of seductive five-star living that will energize and inspire your vacation