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7 amazing things inevitably felt at heart, when in Wayanad!

At, believing it – The exquisite nature and diverse wildlife is a match made in heavens. A wide variety of biota is Wayanad’s spine of experience. Complimenting climate, landscape & topography makes it a mesmerize for its visitors. From Elephants taking a dip in the open to a wide range of jungle cats roaming around in glimpses, from Asian fairy-blue bird to Scarlet minivet this place is a home to what-not. It is seemingly unreal and an entire rush of adrenaline when it comes to believing what you see amidst the calmness of this district’s green reserves.

To, seeking it – If living by a lush, countryside excites your instincts or if you love the smell of virgin mornings, Wayanad will be your feel-seeker. The mornings here, are surreal for the inevitably amazing nature you see, hear and smell. Speaking about love, Wayanad boasts a naturally formed heart-shaped lake on the Chembra peak.

Thoroughly, loving it – Wayanad holds a special regard for its still lakes & backwaters. The silent, serene water frames amidst thick bamboo covers provide an entirely different chill scene. Kuruva Island, a 950-acre wooded forest reserve embraces its visitors with an enchanting & rustic vibe that’s God’s Own Country’s signature move. The bamboo rafts are legendary and if you love seclusion from the norms, Wayanad will magically serve the purpose to keep you in the tranquility of nature.

Like, soaking it – Waterfalls are one of the most alluring natural marvels in Wayanad. The entire idea of fresh falling haze on the face, while you look up to the intact majesty of mother nature makes it entirely, a lot worthwhile. Your excitement cannot be contained, as this Green Paradise holds about 5 regal waterfalls in its gut. Some waterfalls demand adventure, while others remand attention and ease.

Never, holding it – Its great place, when it’s great food. a wise man once said. Wayanad will not disappoint you or your hunger fangs. The rich spices of Western Ghats, blends of grated coconut and added authenticity will make you take every bite as a feeling, home. Starting from Fish Moilee, Appam with chicken stew, Kattu soup, Nandhan beef, Karimeen Pollichathu and the delight of Payasam are a few amongst many other tummy ticklers this land of spices, serves its visitors.

Truly, feeling it – Some adventures are not adrenaline explicit. They are for stories that an entire generation would lend an ear to. Wildlife in Wayanad has umpteen number of such narratives for you. This place lets you discover & re-discover the purpose of nature. Be it a shikari boat ride on shallow waters or a bumpy jeep drive into the deepest of jungles, Wayanad will always let you truly feel it.

By life, living it – Amidst the canopies of lush, trumpeting elephants in the far land nearby, chirping birds of different colors, terraces of wide tea plantations, meadows that demand a look below and a simple, soul-stirring local life will let every visitor in Wayanad, live in the moment. Inevitably.

What are you waiting for?

Come, Discover this land of true paradise, in The God’s Own Country.