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The Best Resort to Enjoy Holidays with Family at Wayanad.


Looking for a nice place to take your family with kids on a pleasant and interesting stay with lots of activity and sightseeing? Head right away to Morickap Resort at Wayanad in Kerala. We are one of the most recommended family-friendly hotels in Wayanad.


The resort is set right in the most nature-filled region of Wayanad in north Kerala. You can easily reach the resort with family by car from Bengaluru, Mysuru, Coimbatore, and most places in Kerala. Of course, you can easily reach the resort by alighting at the Kozhikode (Calicut) Railway Station, traveling by train, or at the Kozhikode Airport, when you reach here by flight. A suitable car can be arranged that suits your family’s requirement to reach the resort. The trip by car to the resort is itself a unique and fascinating journey with many sights to fill in along the way.

Wayanad Resort

Morickap Resort is set plumb in the plantations and spices growing region. You can feel engulfed in the arms of nature on all sides. The weather is cool and pleasant. The sightseeing, the food, and the exceptionally comfortable stay at the resort all combine for a wonderful holiday experience for the whole family.


Wayanad offers your family a variety of amazing sights and experiences. There is the culture to imbibe, the luscious jungle to explore, the trails to go trekking on, and the delicious cuisine that’s nothing short of heavenly for the adventurous family.

Trekking in Wayanad

Your kids will love it at Morickap with its sparkling pools, luxurious well-appointed rooms, the chef that delights them with treats they love including burgers and pizzas, and loads of games to fight it out with the parents and grandparents. Morickap Resort has been designed to be family-friendly and with the Covid-19 scare, we are extra precautious and have taken all measures to ensure that all are well protected.


The expansive resort caters to all with laidback sections for the adults while children enjoy the colorful side with a fun activity. Now the whole family can enjoy together and spend quality time with each other. Many sightseeing places can be easily reached and as you are far away from the crowd and teeming tourists – you can feel the safety and privacy to be yourself and enjoy quiet times with just your family. From toddlers to young adults, the resort suits everyone in the family. Welcome to Morickap Family Resort in Wayanad for the best time you ever had with your whole family together.