The Best Resort in Wayanad for Enjoying a True Nature Holiday.

When you are planning a holiday, many choices come up. One may consider the sun and the beach with lots of foreign tourists and all the fun you can have. Some people may consider visiting a busy historical city with lots of ancient monuments to be the ultimate in holidaying. And then, some wish to be recharged by the power of nature in all its glory. Such people can truly enjoy the beauty of nature and experience adventure trekking and watching wildlife. They would choose to be on the hills of Wayanad with Morickap Nature Resort Wayanad.


The family fun

Morickap is just the right kind of resort to be with your loved ones. It can be a honeymoon or holiday in Wayanad with wife and kids – but the romance and joy will still be the same. It is the best place to have a truly thrilling time watching wildlife. The joy of watching wildlife is in patience and the reward at the end. One has to spend time waiting for the wild animals to come out – and they will when they feel safe and there are no predators around. Event the sounds and smells of the visitors can be a distraction for them. Once the whole bunch of animals of a group comes out, it is great fun watching them drink from the waters while the alpha males keep watch over the herd. If you are extra lucky, many groups of animals may come out at the same time to drink water and you will be blessed with the strange sight of predators and prey drinking water from two sides of the lake.


A grand sanctuary

The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is a blessed one as the forests in the Kerala region of India is rich and verdant. It has not been ravaged and is well protected. The sanctuary lay spread over an area of 344.4 sq km and cover four ‘ranges’ under the regions – Muthanga, Tholpetty, Kurichiat, and Sultan Bathery. The best thing about the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is the variety of animals and the large herds of each group, indicating a healthy eco-system. There are tigers and foxes, bison and elephants, deer and rabbits, squirrels and birds. The peafowl is a unique bird to this region.

4 Deers

The grandest show of all is put on by herds of elephants. There will be elderly males who may get into a territory or supremacy fight with loud squeals and bashing of tusks, there will be young males testing their strengths, there would be elderly matriarchs and coy young ones playing around. These are sights that can never be witnessed elsewhere or truly experienced. So welcome to Morickap Resort at Wayanad and enjoy a spectacular holiday with family and friends. Be one with nature and feel the joy and glory of the wildlife teeming in this region.