7 Best Treks Around ‘The Green Paradise’ Of Kerala, Wayanad


An immersion in spectacle greenery with lush valleys & scenic landscapes, Wayanad is a dream destination to nature & adventure enthusiasts from all around the world. Located in God’s Own Country, Kerala, this place beholds hilly ranges, rich biota and everything about enticing adrenaline pump. Offering solace, tranquility and untouched nature scenes in abundance makes Wayanad one of the best tourist destinations in Kerala.

Preferably, one of the best trekking destinations in South India, Wayanad holds non-linear paths all along its terrain, providing many exciting trails amidst nature’s lap. Greeting with breathtaking views of the state, the paths to treks in Wayanad can range from easy to be a challenge. One can find treks that take less than one day in Wayanad also, treks that demand sheer will, patience & strong legs. If trekking in Wayanad is your idea of interest and you are not certain about where to start, this article should help you choose between the best of 7 treks in and around Wayanad

Chembra Peak Trek: Chembra Peak trek is undoubtedly the best trekking experience in and around Wayanad. The peak scales up to 6,900 feet and is mostly through green meadows. The initial phase of this trek can appear challenging due to its surprisingly steep slopes but as one progresses and gets a hang of the terrain, it gets comfortable and easy. The green slopes of Chembra hill hold rich, diverse flora & fauna which lets its visitors witness unparalleled natural beauty. The major attraction in this entire 4-hour trek is the naturally formed heart-shaped lake located at the peak.

Banasura Hills Trek: To escape the hustle-bustle, crowd, and all the fuss, Banasura provides the most ideal trekking experience near Wayanad. Scaling up to 6801 feet this trek begins at Banasura Sagar dam named after the mythological character Banasura. The trek gets increasingly challenging as it advances but displays beautiful rolling grasslands in the course. This one-day long trek ends on a picturesque note with mystic mountains deep down at the sight of the Banasura Sagar dam.

Edakkal Caves: The superlative route to exploring Edakkal caves and admire the experience is to trek through Ambukuthi Hill. The terrain and scenic display of nature all along the trial makes this trek a pleasing experience. The entire trial falls on the easier side, but as the caves get closer one should climb rocks to enter the caves. A long stretch of coffee plantations during your trek is an added amusement. This 1-2-hour long trek also lets you explore the history of Edakkal caves that date back to the stone-age.

Pakshipathalam Trek: Situated at an altitude of about 1740 meters above sea level, Pakshipathalam is one of the most challenging spots around Wayanad for adventure enthusiasts. During the trek, one is welcomed with beautiful meadows, grasslands, subterranean caves, thick road blocks and dense forests. Cave diving is a very popular try-out during this trek. A 16-km travel from the base brings you to the peak point of this trek. Brahmagiri hills near Pakshipathalam is another interesting place nearby. Winters here attract a wide range of migratory bird species which make these hills their temporary homes.

Thusharagiri Trek: Widely regarded as “Trekker’s Paradise”, Thusharagiri attracts thousands of visitors and adventure seekers to Wayanad every year. This place embraces its visitors providing them with stunning backgrounds, scenic meadows and above-the-world waterfall scenes. The trial attributes to steep & narrow paths during its course only to reveal beautiful waterfalls at every saturation dip. One can witness about 5 scenic waterfalls in and around Thusharagiri during this trek. The trekking trial begins at Adivaram village and continues for about 3 hours.

Kalladi Forest Trial: This adventure activity falls, more into the category of a walking trial for its straight & smooth paths. The trial leads deep into the Kalladi forest and lets an individual pass through streams, pathways and sumptuous tree treasure. The old rain forests of Wayanad at higher altitudes are the most exciting subjects of this trial offering nature’s complete display of beauty. As one continues his trial along and reach a ridge, they would be offered with a stunning view of the misty valley beneath. Moving further into the forest, one can find quaint streams that are crossed to reach the other side of the stream and resume the journey. This forest trial takes about 10 hours.

Thirunelli: This splendid trek to Thirunelli lets an individual breathe adventure & nature together, at their best. Starting off from a quaint & serene village setup, this trek sets out to exploration through meadows, streams and a massive river (Kallindi) in its course. Travelers can halt at the river-side and enjoy a snack or two (food must be carried along). Though the trek gets a little challenging later for its steep slopes, the place is still widely regarded for its thick forest cover and temples that adds to the aesthetic side of exploration.

Wayanad is a true testament to nature’s best display of love and probably more exciting to trial and adventure enthusiasts for its distinguished geographical terrain. These are the different treks that need your attention before planning a trip to Wayanad.

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