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These 10 breathtaking captures of Wayanad from Instagram is enough adrenaline to backpack right away!

A truly heaven abode, Wayanad is often hailed as the best of lot for nature filled retreat to travel and adventure enthusiasts. Located in North Kerala, this serene world of lush and thick canopies lies at an altitude range of 700-2100 meters above sea level. Geographically, the way this district is closely bound to Mudumalai Forest, Tamil Nadu and Bandipur Forest, Karnataka complements for its vast, charming green stretch with a wider wildlife survival. This quaint land is also the least populated district of Kerala with a density of about 369 people/km². The green reserves with terraced and hilly terrain provide a distinctive range of biota, wildlife & adventure to Wayanad.

One can find solemn enthusiasm amidst the hollow spaces of history-ridden Edakkal caves or carry out a trek with their wolf-pack to find love at the peak of Chembra. One can get lost in the silent, serenity of green Kalladi awnings or find one’s self in the many, grand waterfalls at Thusharagiri. Wayanad for umpteen reasons holds a paradise-bound surprise to every traveler out there and what makes that an obvious statement is this series of photographs, capturing this Land of Green Paradise.

Incredibly cool, right? 

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Come, Discover this land of true paradise, in The God’s Own Country.