Escape into the nature at Morickap Resort Wayanad

Morickap Resort WayanadGetting outdoors allows us to reconnect with ourselves and mentally heal, especially during challenging times. While maintaining social distancing practices, of course, going outside for some fresh air can greatly improve our mood and overall health. Just a few minutes a day has been proven to reduce stress and increase self-esteem. 

Many of you may be working from home, lacking motivation and feeling creatively stunted. According to a study, the simple act of walking led to increased creativity in 81% of participants, with the best results coming from walking outdoors. It is not hard to see why: combining the endorphin-releasing effect of physical exertion with the stimulation of a physical landscape – cascading mountains, tranquil forest, an ice-covered river or lake, even the familiar features of your neighbourhood– makes for a potent cocktail, indeed. Wayanad is a destination that gives you the nature you desire. 


When you consider the whole of human history, spending so much time in buildings is probably quite a modern phenomenon.  Our ancestors spent many hours a day working the land, and cavemen virtually lived in the open – so our bodies are very much designed to have regular fresh air and to experience more movement than my sedentary desk work often allows. So it makes sense that nature calls to us and improves our mental and physical health. At Morickap Wayanad Resort we understand this and help you ease the natural settings. 

Nature is calming – reconnecting with the natural environment is not only mindful in a psychological sense but also has physiological impacts that help calm the body.  Being in nature significantly reduces our cortisol levels – cortisol being known as the “stress hormone”, as well as our blood pressure and heart rate. 

Being in nature also helps us to become more focused – largely I believe as we leave behind the many devices and distractions of modern life and learn how to be in one place – and savour it.   Nature can be a great teacher – showing us how much we can see and experience if we pay attention, and how much we have to be grateful for in this world.  That sense of awe we often experience (especially those, like me, who have an Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence as a key character strength), helps us develop gratitude and an appreciation for small wonders. 

Apparently, even viewing green spaces on screens can have a positive psychological effect – by replicating in many ways the impact of being out there for real.  This could have positive implications for how we design our living and workspaces to conscious boost wellbeing. 

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And what about catching those rays? Let’s start with some hard science: exposing your skin to the sun’s UVB rays is vital for your body to get the Vitamin D it needs. Unlike other nutrients, Vitamin D is not present in large doses in foods, and studies have shown that insufficiency of what is known as the “sunshine” vitamin affects nearly one of two people worldwide.

Get your muscles moving and take a walk on a nearby path or around the neighbourhood wherever you are Morickap Resort in Wayanad gives you just the ambience that you seek. There are many public trails where you can keep a safe distance from other travellers and still enjoy a stroll with your kids, the dog, or have some solitary time away from a packed household. Nature provides some incredible visuals and sounds ranging from peaceful sunsets to birds chirping. 

But there is a catch! Time outdoors really improves our psychological health – but to see a substantial improvement, we need to commit significant time and commitment to be in nature. Then take off your shoes, feel the grass on your feet and soak up as much sun as possible in these warmer months! We at Morickap Resort Wayanad are ready to welcome you and give you the relaxation that you dream of in the lap of nature.