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The mesmerizing beauty of nature-blessed Wayanad

After a long period cooped up within the home due to the lockdown, it is now time for a relaxing nature-filled trip. It is time to make your way to Wayanad in Kerala to enjoy the scenic beauty and stay in the luxury Wayanad Resorts to relax.


What makes Wayanad Special?

Wayanad has a lot to offer its visitors. It is one of the best paddy cultivation regions of Kerala. Just the sight of endless paddy fields stretching away as far as the eye can see is a special experience. The fields are fringed by coconut plantations on all sides with intermittent quaint homes. The paddy at this time of the year will spot a soft green and the sight is pleasant to the eyes and makes you happy. The cool breeze, the buzz of bees, butterflies fluttering about seeking out the tiny flowers on the sides of the fields is something that your children should experience. Your parents could have nostalgic memories of their childhood spent running through the ridges on the fields on their way to school.


The location is fantastic

Wayanad is a hill region and atop scenic location is close to the Banasura Sagar Dam. Needless to say, the views will take your breath away. The location is blessed by all the flora and fauna of the Western Ghats and the heights can reach 700 to 2100 meters. The package of wonders includes gushing waterfalls and murmuring brooks, evergreen forests standing tall and majestic in thick dark green, winding trekking trails that are both an adventure and a discovery of self.


Heighten your senses

Arrive at camping sites and make friends with people from all over. The bonds you make could last a lifetime. The magnificence of the location brings out the poet in you. Your senses are heightened and your listening power opens up. Your eyes become clear and your mood is joyful. Nature has this effect on humans.

Morickap Resort Wayanad

Feel Rejuvenated

The lung-full fresh oxygen-rich air, cool and comfortable climate in which you don’t sweat even after a brisk walk, watching wild animals in their natural habitat, and birdwatching leads to the discovery of winged beauties that never fail to surprise you. You can enjoy all these and more while you stay in comfort and enjoy the renowned hospitality and grand cuisines of Morickap Resort in Wayanad in Kerala.