Morickap – An Adventurous Holiday in Wayanad

The Western Ghats open to making room for majestic Wayanad while lush and evergreen plains tumble and fold. Families have now found homes in the mountains. Morickap resort in Wayanad is an extension of nature itself with its overwhelming hospitality, extravagant cuisine, and larger-than-life luxuries – you are bound to feel at home. 

Tucked away in the North-East part of Kerala, Wayanad lies in the biodiversity hotspot of the Western Ghats. If balmy breezes, surreal surroundings, and tranquillity are your idea of a holiday, then Wayanad is undoubtedly the destination to be. With its rolling hills covered with deciduous rain forests, Wayland offers some of the most stunning landscapes in Kerala. With 26% forest cover, it is home to two major wildlife reserves. Wayanad, a birders paradise, also offers vast and diverse attractions from wildlife sanctuary to adventurous trails to thrilling treks to some of the picturesque waterfalls, and much more. 

Outdoor adventure activities are undoubtedly a great source to revitalize your holiday vacation. And when it comes to the recreational adventure games in Wayanad, it becomes even more exciting and thrilling. The recreation activities in Wayanad are a collection of different Wayanad adventure games and popular things to do in Wayanad. It brings in an opportunity for adults and kids to have amusement, learn, and enjoy themselves with family or friends. You can also enjoy the deep forest camping Wayanad, stay with tribals, road jeep ride trips, jungle safaris, and peak climbing expeditions. 

Rock Climbing in Wayanad

Other adventure activities in Wayanad that can be explored include the following and we at Morickap Resort facilitate these services for you. 

Trekking: It is a trekking haven, surrounded by the mountains and offering you the best views in Kerala. In Wayanad, you can build a strong connection with mother nature.

The best part about the trails in Wayanad is the versatility. There are mountains, suited for different kinds of trekkers. You have those that are easy and a few challenging ones. 

Zipline: Fast, thrilling, and exhilarating. Rivet in this thrilling adventure of zipping lining in Wayanad while your family and friends cheer for you. You will be completing the task under the guidance of experienced professionals who will ensure you are equipped with the required safety gear.

Human Slingshot: Attached to bungee cords, an ATV will pull you back 60 feet from a huge catapult. When the cords are released you will get launched over a distance of 120 feet, accelerating from 0 to 150 km/h. Flyback and forth several meters above the ground before being pulled back to solid ground. 

Big Rock

Human Gyro: Human Gyroscope is a far more exciting ride than the normal spins and tumbles. It becomes invigorating when four people are moving up and down or side swing in the Gyro trend. It will make you scream loud and laugh 

Trampoline Park: Imagine jumping 6 feet in the air and doing many flips consecutively without fear of falling! There’s a bit of something for everyone to enjoy whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart. Jump around with friends in our Trampoline Park. With only one jumper per square, kids of all ages can enjoy jumping in our Trampoline Park. 

Bungee Trampoline: This popular tourist attraction allows participants to bounce and flip, pretending to be Olympic gymnasts without any worry. Parents can watch their children show off acrobatic skills and release their vigor fully by jumping and spinning on the bungee trampoline.