Wayanad Resort Morickap

Morickap – Best Pool Resort in Wayanad to Beat the Summers

If you are a city dweller seeking respite from the infamous Indian Summer then head to one of the best Wayanad resorts with a pool. The hills of Wayanad have always been a famous weekend getaway from Bangalore and offer solace and tranquility, and Morickap imbibes this very essence of Wayanad. By the quirks of nature, the hill ranges of Wayanad have bald patches as punctuation in between a melodious song of dense rainforest, where myriad avians nest, endangered amphibians native to the Ghat forest live and thrive, and a portion of the forest is revered as God and kept untouched. And what better place to stay in Wayanad than Morickap resort.


Guests heading to this Morickap resort can stay at the expansive Cottages. which extends into a beautiful courtyard. A lotus pond, a reading corner, and a wild garden, all surround you as you enjoy a time of quiet at the resort. If this does not help you beat the lethargy of summer evenings, then the flowing waters of River Kaveri are bound to get you outdoors. Yes! You read that right. We are one of the only resorts in Wayanad that offer a spellbinding view of the Kaveri River.


Greenery, vibrant flowers, and the clear waters of the waterfalls and streams have the perfect ingredients to transform your humid summers into days filled with excitement and adventure. If you are still not convinced, then our enticing offers are bound to get you packing. Chip in to that swimming pool of international standards and your summer heat is doused completely.

Overlooking the landscapes of Wayanad, the luxury pool at Morickap Resort Wayanad is one of the best in this hill town. With special attention, the luxury pool has been constructed with climate and topography in mind. Spending time with family and friends in a beautiful pool complemented by great service takes care of all your requirements at the resort. So if you are looking for a Wayanad resort with a pool call us and make your reservation now.