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Why is Morickap the most Luxurious Family Holiday Resort?

Family vacations should be all about, well, family. That means, the kids have as much say in the choices and activities as the parents or grandparents. One such place you can enjoy with the whole family is of course the Morickap Resort at Wayanad in Kerala. Here the parents can indulge in their choices and the kids have all the fun in the pool, playing games, romping around the flora and fauna, and going on hikes with the whole family.


Best-loved destination for luxury

There are tons of activities that have made Morickap Resort the best family resort for a luxurious stay at Wayanad. The senior citizens within the family would love the Suite Rooms. Spacious and filled with amenities, the rooms present a lovely ambiance. Every moment of your stay at the resort will be memorable and every nook and corner will be a place to click interesting pictures to send to your friends and relatives across the world to admire.

Room in Wayanad

Family fun is everything

There is no greater fun than being with family, playing games, teasing each other, and pulling each other’s legs. All the time you are watched over and served by well-trained personnel who are at your service whenever you need it. So just laze around in a hammock, listening to your old favorites or sing-along in karaoke combining with each other. Capture the videos and have a good laugh at the places where you forgot the lyrics! Have an invigorating swim at the kids’ pool and the regular pool. Outdoor games are all great fun, and when the night falls, to group with all around the roaring campfire and be entertained by our compere who will set the ball rolling with interesting activity and games. It is also the best time to meet and greet other holidayers who are having just as much fun.


Wayanad is the place to be

Wayanad is so cool in every way. Space, dense with vegetation, high up in the mountains, is like a hideout in an enchanting land. The misty evenings, shades of all sorts of greens of the forests, the pristine streams and rivers, real cascading waterfalls, and of course, the wildlife. The parks are unspoiled and the treks are a divine experience each time you see a breathtaking view that makes you want to just spend time there staring into the beyond.

Ariel View Morickap Wayanad

Treks to mountain-top lakes – the places from where they are born, uninhabited stretches, ancient caves which record primeval rock paintings probably stretching centuries back to the Neolithic Age. Then there are ancient temples, mystic traces of religions long past, the tribal cultures, shaded pathways to go exploring on foot or bicycles or go adventure-seeking on a bamboo raft through winding rivers.


Feel the power of nature

Morickap Resort is just the place to be for a luxury tour with family to enjoy Wayanad at its best. You are in the midst of nature and every day you are woken up by the call of wild birds. The wildflowers and the butterflies, the buzz of bees, and long-tailed squirrels are all interesting sights to experience. At the resort, you are cocooned in luxury and enjoying the most delectable dishes. It’s time to take the tour with family and all you have to do is call and book your favorite rooms at the Wayanad resort.