Morickap Resort Wayanad

Why is Morickap Resort Best for Family Holidays in Wayanad?


Wayanad is always a favorite destination for families, especially when they are staying at Morickap Resort. It’s a dainty boutique family resort set high above in the musty-clad mountain ranges of the Western Ghats in a verdant location. The luxury resort in Wayanad offers magnificent breathtaking scenic views and sensational luxurious stays. When you are planning your holiday with family, friends or office colleagues, choose Morickap Resort.


Wayanad is perfect for families as there is so much to do and see that will enthuse everyone. Wayanad is lush green and much of the hill regions have deep evergreen forests. In the valleys are the lush green rice fields as far as eyes can see. You can enjoy precious moments with family at the resort and scenic tourist spots at Wayanad.


Sights and sounds

Morickap Resort is within a short distance from the Banasura Sagar Dam and is set in a serene location. The dense forests, the combed rows of plantations, the wildlife, and the lake rides all make for a great experience at Wayanad.

Big Rock

Family fun

Family holidays are always great fun. The extended family consisting of grandparents, uncles, and aunts, cousins is a matter of great joy for the kids. They are pampered by the elders and a full gang to play with. Wayanad is truly a family adventure while staying at Morickap Resort as you get close to nature, watch wildlife, go on hiking trips, boat rides on the lake, explore scenic tourist spots, jump into waterfalls and swim at the pools at the resort and play games at the facilities provided at the resort.


Gastronomic adventure

You can wow your tastebuds by enjoying delectable dishes prepared lovingly by the Chefs at the resort. Apart from your favorite dishes, you can enjoy truly special Wayanadan style cuisine, typical Keralan breakfast items, and a lot more. You meet the friendliest and softspoken local tribesmen and take photos with them.

Fish Fry

Places to visit

When you are visiting Wayanad from a busy bustling city, the first thing you will notice is the greenery and secondly, the quietness. You will feel invigorated by the cool climate and the fresh naturally oxygenated air that makes you energetic. You can visit sparkling waterfalls at many locations when you are traveling to Wayanad from Mangalore, Bangalore, Mysore, or Kochi. The Chembra Peak, the Neelimala View Point, the Edakkal Caves are all unmissable.


Kids will be fascinated by the sights and will have great fun spotting exotic birds and butterflies as well as small animals. The family resort in Wayanad has many facilities for games and the swimming pools are inviting. A family holiday at Wayanad will be truly magical!