Couple Dining Morickap Resort

Why is Morickap Resort the most Romantic Honeymoon Destination in Wayanad?



When a wedding planner or a tour operator spreads a wide array of destinations including destinations at exotic cities, pristine beaches, thrilling adventures – consider choosing the most romantic and idyllic honeymoon destinations ever – Wayanad in Kerala.


Wayanad is not just a hill resort destination. It is a package of many things wonderful. It is a place not just to discover – but a wonderland where you will discover and understand each other. It is a place you will definitely fall in love with. It is also the place to fall in love with each other.

Honeymoon Couple in Morickap Reosrt

This stay is just perfect.  

When you choose to stay in the most romantic honeymoon destination in Wayanad – the Morickap Resort – the joys of honeymoon are multifold. The scenic vistas spread before you from your windows at the resort are just incredible! They just melt time away and you become one with each other and feel a communion with nature.


Just the sight of the glorious sunrise unfolding a masterpiece on the skies with numerous shades of gold, yellow, and saffron – the intermittent fluffy clouds and the fog slowly fading away will be etched in your minds forever. You can hear the melodious chirping of birds calling to each other over the vistas. Delicate butterflies flutter around the scenic flower gardens. The cool pools invite you to a dip. You can even choose a room with a private pool.


Feeling adventurous?

The attractions of Wayanad are many and varied. The adventurous can go rock climbing or participate in adventure sports. The energetic sorts can go trekking on well-beaten paths where you can come across small wild animals. You can go wildlife watching or river rafting. Birdwatching, spice garden visits, and roaming around in tea plantations are some of the best ways to relax and let the tensions of the hectic wedding melt away.

Rock Climbing in Wayanad


You can fill your phone and camera memory cards with some of the most sensational and scenic selfies and picturesque locations. Already your friends on your social media will be envious and congratulate you on the fabulous pictures you post. Morickap Resort at Wayanad has some of the best restaurants in the region and offers delicacies that will leave you wanting more.