Morickap Resort Wayanad

Morickap Resort Welcomes you with 100% Vaccinated Staff

A holiday in the lap of nature in these trying times is a welcome change for everyone. If it is right in Wayanad, the green paradise of Kerala, what more could you ask for?


Morickap Resort in Wayanad welcomes you to Wayanad!


Located in the lush greenery of Vythiri, Wayanad, Morickap Resort takes pride in announcing that 100% of its staff are fully vaccinated with both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. This is in line with the heightened health and safety practices adhered to in the Morickap Resort.


We at Morickap Resort believe that the well-being of its guests and associates is a top priority! As we continue to combat the challenges posed by the pandemic, we are inspired to make our resort a safe haven for our guests. We have taken stringent measures to enact precautionary operational protocols that address health and safety.

Morickap Resort Customers Staff

Morickap Resort in Wayanad has always placed the highest emphasis on the safety and wellbeing of our guests with exacting standards of cleanliness and hygiene. We have revised our hygiene protocols to provide an enhanced level of protection to our guests & give our guests peace of mind while staying here in the resort. Our in-house experts implement these safety measures based on international and local health and safety guidelines to provide our guests a safe environment.


Besides sanitizing the whole premises of our resort, we are also arranging for temperature checks of our staff and guests at regular intervals. Apart from that, we have introduced minimal-contact check-in, QR codes for menus, and contact-less ordering of food. Our dining and other common areas ensure social distancing.


Deep cleaning of guest rooms and common areas is done with disinfectants & sanitizers with extra focus on common touch areas. Our in-house staff always wear gloves and masks while serving you. Apart from that, our hospitality professionals have also curated a range of activities and experiences for entertainment as well as Ayurvedic wellness.

We are eager to welcome our guests and are committed to providing uncompromised safety while they enjoy a wonderful holiday.

Morickap Resort in Wayanad welcomes you back with open arms and heartfelt smiles!