Most Beautiful Wayanad Resort for Nature Lovers


When it comes to a stay in the peace and solitude of Wayanad, you need not think twice! Morickap Resort is the most beautiful Wayanad resort for nature lovers! A stay in its verdant green surroundings enjoying the scenic views means total luxury!


Wayanad is an enchanting place nestled on the misty slopes of the Western Ghats. The bewitching waterfalls, mysterious caves, wildlife sanctuaries, and green Tea & Coffee plantations make Wayanad popular with tourists all over the world. Staying at the Morickap Resort, Vythiri means you can enjoy this piece of paradise to the fullest on your holiday!


Morickap Resort is a luxury resort in Wayanad nestled in the nature-endowed locale of Vythiri. The weather is pleasantly cool at nearly all times & if you love nature, the magic of Morickap Resort overwhelms you! The resort is perched atop a hill overlooking scenic vistas and valleys. As you are literally in a space bordering an evergreen forest, there are lots of things to do on your nature holiday.

Morickap Resort

You can take long nature walks through country paths, wade through jungle streams, listen to bird songs and what not! The benefits of staying at this luxury resort in Wayanad are that you can revel in local culture, enjoy the delicious local cuisine and discover nature.


The wildlife sanctuaries in Wayanad are a nature lover’s delight with their, exotic varieties of flora and fauna. The Muthanga & Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuaries wildlife safaris are popular with travelers and nature enthusiasts as they offer a chance to see Elephants, Deer, Leopards, birds & other wildlife in their natural habitat.


The Banasura Sagar Dam, Chembra Peak, Meenmutty waterfalls & Kuruva Island are other scenic places to explore near Morickap Resort. The scenic vistas on the way to the top of the Chembra peak are a view that would stay etched in your memory forever.

Naature view near morickap Resort

Trekking to the Meenmutty falls or a moonlight boat ride to the Kuruva Island are thrilling experiences not to be missed.


Base your stay at Morickap Resort, the most beautiful Wayanad resort for nature lovers. Book now!