Our Story

Before exploring, the quintessential world of refined luxury.

3500 feet above sea level, in the mountain ranges at the southern tip of Deccan Plateau and Western Ghats stands a world-class resort tall, strong capturing the surreal beauty of this pristine setting. Majestic views of the mountains, Swiss chalet-inspired architecture and defined, refined luxury in every size partially describes this ideal family-time experience. Making it clear, this is a journey with no fuss. Crave all the choices in the world, or rather make none at all, it’d be made sure that you’re free from all distractions. It begins with an opportunity to spend your precious timelines on what’s actually important to you. In the mystic case of words, We Know What Matters To You The Most.

Our vision lies in creating resorts that preserve nature, creating a value-oriented memory to every guest, indeed satisfying every customer with clear, ethical stands. Starting from commitment to this environment, to our shareholders, our employees and everyone that make us a sustainable establishment at tomorrows.

We are Morickap. About Again, Experience Refined Luxury In Wayanad.