Morickap Resort

Discover Refined Luxury in Wayanad with Morickap Resort


The moment you know you have a few days of holiday to spend with family, you begin looking for a unique location and resort for spending quality time. May we suggest the Morickap Resort at Wayanad in Kerala? It is one of the best spots for a refined luxury holiday where you relax in luxurious comfort, enjoy the weather, delight in delicious food and go sightseeing.


Holiday at Wayanad has a lot to offer.

Wayanad in Kerala is a hill station amidst rich evergreen forests, spices, tea, coffee, and fruit plantations. With a rich history that can be traced back to the Neolithic Age, waterfalls, hill spots with sensational picture-perfect views, ancient sites with cave paintings, wildlife, trekking, and adventure sports – you and your family or group of friends can unwind with fun-filled activity. You can discover the ancient temples in the region that once played a significant role in the spices trade of yore.

Ariel View Morickap Wayanad

Morickap resort is best for kids.

The Wayanad resort has numerous pools and a large play area. Kids can continue practicing their basketball skills on the full and half courts. They can show their parents a trick or two. It is great for parents to remember their old moves and relive their youth. Lots of fun activities can be arranged with sports, games, singing competitions, trampolines, and a try at rock climbing.


Great time for parents too.

When you come with the whole family, the joy is multiplied. Now there will be perhaps three generations who will be spending quality time together. Kids, parents and grandparents, uncles and aunts and cousins – it is just a jolly good time. Dive into the pool and feel the coolness that slowly melts away as you swim vigorously. Kids can compete with the elders in badminton, basketball, table tennis, and billiards. And they can see if the elders lose graciously.


Gastronomical Delights.  

The chefs at the resort are adept in multi-cuisine food but specialize in delicate Kerala dishes that delight your tongue with multiple flavors. The food is always nuanced with the subtle hints of spices with the warmth of chilies and peppers and takes on hues of the tangy with tamarind and kokum. You will delight in the scrumptious desserts including the famed payasam of Kerala in a variety of tastes


Couple Dining Morickap Resort

The delicate nuances of spices, the warmth of pepper and chilies, the tanginess of tamarind and kokum… Kerala’s world-renowned cuisine takes on a whole new meaning at the Clove Garden. A fine food multi-cuisine restaurant, Clove Garden presents a judiciously curated menu that includes the best of North Indian, Oriental fare, Continental specialties, and scrumptious Desserts. You should try our delicious Tandoori appetizers. The restaurant presents masterful dishes on every platter with select organic and locally grown vegetables and meat. Enjoy an array of hors d’oeuvres delicately handcrafted by expert chefs.


The Vythiri Restaurant and the Live Grill Counter & Mocktail Bar are your two choices for a lavish spread that includes a lavish spread of buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With lavish spreads that include refreshers, salads, appetizers, main courses, and desserts of myriad cuisines. The panoramic views, the eternal beauty of nature, and the inspirational food with soulful music perfectly present a picture of luxurious holidaying in Wayanad.