Wayanad Resort

Revitalize at Super Pool Luxury Resort in Wayanad


You are graciously invited to a wonderful poolside villa experience in the hill and rainforest locale of Wayanad in Kerala. Come embrace the local culture, the distinctive resort design, and a wonderful guest experience with trekking, wildlife watching, scenic vistas, a cool climate, spa treatments, and a delightful gastronomic choice in cuisines. So welcome to Moickarp Resort at scenic Wayanad in Kerala.


Luxury Resort Wayanad

The architecture of the Morickap Resort is resounding and unique, inviting your clicks in every aspect of it. The resort is focused on offering experiences that pointedly enhance the quality of life while you are with us. From enjoying pollution-free oxygen-rich air, a cool and enjoyable climate that is never too chilly nor warm, the drizzles of the rains bringing freshwater gushing through the streams, interesting fauna and flora all around you makes you relaxed and completely in touch with yourself.


You can feel virtually transported back in time, enjoying the tranquility and quietness broken only by the occasional call of the wild animals and the musical chirping of the birds. The rush of the cool breeze, the butterflies and dragonflies fluttering around is something your kids will enjoy. There are lots of holistic activities for you and your family to indulge in, including forest treks, visiting farms, meeting forest dwellers and tribesmen, savoring fresh wild honey, and more.


Swimming Pool Wayanad Resort

At the resort, you can laze by the wide pools or take an invigorating swim and in between enjoy fresh juices to revitalize you for the next round. All your photos will come out super and will be appreciated by all on your Instagram accounts.


The resort has spacious Studio Rooms with comfy twin beds, Suite rooms that blend coziness with amenities and views. For whole families, the best choice would be the Premium Villas that are Swiss-style and embellished with luxurious amenities. The Jacuzzi Villas are where the swank and modern prefer to stay. The views from these rooms are stunning – looking over mountains, plantations, and valleys. And then, we come to the Pool Villa where you immerse in a luxury space and indulge in a private pool in the best pool luxury resort at Wayanad. The sights from this villa will take your breath away. So, pack your bags right away for a wonderful holiday with friends or family at Wayanad. The mountains are calling you.