Treatments at our Spa in Wayanad

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Rejuvenation Massage

Duration : 45 - 60 Minutes

Rs 2500

Full body massage done using warm medicated oils. The therapy helps improve circulation, relieve fatigue, related body aches and nourishment of skin.

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Duration : 75 Minutes

Rs 3500

A therapeutic full-body ayurvedic massage that revitalizes body tissues by flushing out toxins. Warm Dosha specific oils are used for the massage. 

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Indian Head Massage

Duration : 30 Minutes

Rs 2000

A deeply relaxing head massage that releases stress accumulated in the scalp, neck and shoulders and leaves you with a feeling of revitalization.

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Neck and Shoulder Care Massage

Duration : 30 Minutes

Rs 2000

A stimulating warm oil massage for the neck and shoulders. This ayurvedic massage helps ease muscular pain and tension caused by stress and incorrect sitting posture.

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Marma Massage

Duration : 60 or 90 Minutes

Rs 3000

A traditional Kerala ayurvedic full-body massage that stimulates vital energy points of the body, and refreshes it by releasing the blockage in energy flow.

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Synchronize Abhyangam

Duration : 60 Minutes

Rs 4000

This is a traditional Abhyangam massage done using natural medicated oils. Synchronize Abhyangam harmonizes the vital energy flow to the body, reinforces flexibility of the joints and enhances circulation.

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Ayurveda Back Massage

Duration : 30 Minutes

Rs 2000

A ayurveda therapy that uses  a blend of selected oils and traditional massage techniques. The treatment helps enhance blood circulation, eases muscular pain and relaxes muscles of the neck, back and shoulders.

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Foot Care Massage

Duration : 30 Minutes

Rs 2000

The Foot Care Massage is a traditional ayurvedic therapy that helps in proper circulation, dryness in the soles, feet and legs and relives fatigue. The treatment offers a refreshing foot soak with warm oil massage and warm towel wipes.

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Shiro Dhara

Duration : 60 Minutes

Rs 4500

Shiro Dhara is a relaxation and de-stressing ayurvedic therapy which involves pouring of warm medicated oil over the fore head after an oil massage for the head and oil application for the body. It helps in stress management and headache relief

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Back and Spinal Care Treatment

Duration : 60 Minutes

Rs 3000

An Ayurveda therapy where selected oils and medicinal herbs is used to ease muscular pain and stiffness of the spine, back, neck, and shoulders.

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Duration : 75 Minutes

Rs 6000

Pizhichil is a soft body massage where the body is subjected to streams of luke warm medicated oil. It helps in preventing neurological and rheumatic complaints, also relieves muscular spasm.

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Choorna Swedanam / Patra Podala Swedanam

Duration : - 3 to 7 days

A healing fomenting therapy for orthopedic aliments and pains. Choorna Swedanam / Patra Podala Swedanam provides relief through the liberal application of medicated oils in small linen pouches all over the body.
It is advised as a course of treatment (3,5 or 7 days) for considerable relief of symptoms. The therapy is done in seven different body positions according to your comfort level, and carried out by 1 or 2 therapists, as per requirements. 

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Njavara Kizhi

Duration: 75 Minutes

Rs 5500

A Rejuvenation therapy that involves the application of warm poultices of njavara rice cooked in herbal decoction and milk on the body enhances the complexion. Strengthens muscles, stimulates the Nervous system and relieves joints stiffness.

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Swastha Massage

A traditional oil massage that helps the body to deal with physical stress and fatigue, and gives a feeling of overall well-being.