Wayanad Resort - Morickap

Special Wayanad Cuisine to enjoy at Morickap Resort



The sensational traditional cuisine of Wayanad is defined by its landscape and its indigenous people. The food has a spiciness, freshness, and richness that feels like a tasty symphony on your tongue. Locally sourced leafy vegetables and fruits; fresh meat, fish, or fowl; spices straight from the plants!


The food is cooked on a slow wood fire. The masalas are wet ground then and there just before marinating. The oil is wood-pressed and aromatic. The cooking vessels are clay pots. Welcome to the most sensational cuisine experience at Morickap Resort at Wayanad in Kerala where our celebrated Chefs can prepare all the specialty dishes for you on demand.


The recipes are traditional and passed down generations and are intertwined in the culinary history of the land. Some leafy vegetables and condiments are known only to those from local tribes. The preparation time and process are unique and take their own time.


You can be sure that the food you enjoy is highly nutritional, rich in goodness, and prepared lovingly. You can enjoy a staple of sweetish locally grown tapioca. The curries will have a base of freshly ground coconut or pressed coconut milk. Yam, wild tubers, newly picked mushrooms from the fields are some of the ingredients including wild honey.


At Morickap you can surely start with a Kattu-soup, wild vegetables, and grains soup. Next, try out the charcoal-grilled chicken with a very unique marinade of spices. It will leave you drooling for more. They next you can try out puzha-meen-pollichathu with Gandhakasala rice and Crab curry with thick gravy. This curry is cooked in earthen clay pots on a wood-fire and the ingredients are steamed crabs, hand-ground spices, and mountain-stream water. Yes, water is an ingredient because it is naturally mineral-rich. Mula-aari, the bamboo-rice payasam is mildly sweet with jaggery and scraped coconut is delicious as a dessert.

Fish Fry

Snack time, you can try out the Ooru Puzhukku, which is a combination of tubers and local peas. You can try out the Karakond-appam which is mildly sweet and wash it all down with Kattu-kaapi which is a combination of wild coffee beans and a special blend of spices. Nutritionally rich Ragi-puttu and Ragi-pakkavada also go well during tea-time.


So, pack your bags and head out to Morickap Resort in Wayanad with all your friends or the whole family. As a fully sanitized and totally double vaccinated staff serves the resort, we are completely ready to welcome you safely. Now you can enjoy the sights and tourist spots of Wayanad in the cool and naturally endowed environs while enjoying sensational food like never before!