Wayanad Resort Morickap

Why Wayanad is a Great Place to Holiday with Morickap?

When you are planning a refreshing escape, taking into account the holidays at work and school holidays the best thing to do is choose a nice location. One of the best choices is of course Wayanad and the sensational Wayanad resort Morickap. Located a short distance from the Banasura Sagar Dam at Vythiri, in Kalpetta, Wayanad.


Nice place to stay

You will surely wonder how lovely and breathtaking the location is even when you just arrive there! The scenic views are all around and from every room. You will be spoilt for choices as you can select the best room suited for you from Suite and Studio rooms to Premium Villas or if you are a water person – Jacuzzi or Pool Villas. There are also cool swimming pools awaiting you at the lawns where you can have a lazy swim. There’s even a kid’s pool too – so that the kids can splash around and not feel left-off from the fun.

Morickap Resort Wayanad

Sensational all the way

Wayanad is a mix of a lot of landscapes – from verdant paddy fields that would be endless shades of delicate green or just brown earth with shrubbery depending on the time of visit – to spicy ginger, turmeric, cardamom, clove, nutmeg farms where the air itself is heady and refreshing. The picturesque plantations of tea and coffee are a sight to behold. Just a short ride will take you to evergreen forests and the opportunity to see wildlife in their environment, unhindered. If you love watching birds, then you are in for a treat as you can watch exotic birds like the rare Malabar Hornbill. All around the resort are trails that are well-threaded lead you safely through the bushes and are great for hiking and cycling enthusiasts.


Relaxation is ultimate

Once you are back, a bit weary from all the sightseeing, it’s time to relax in our well-appointed rooms with scenic views that stretch into the horizon. The absolute quiet broken only by birdsongs and distant cries of wild animals is almost meditative and reflective. It fills you with an inner joy, contemplation, and a feeling of relaxation with the feeling that the worries and tensions of the workplace, home, and the world are now far behind you.

Wayanad Resort with Pool - Morickap

Enjoy every minute

Morickap is a well-designed resort that is well landscaped and you can enjoy peaceful evening walks all through the resort, dip once in a while in the large swimming pool and settle down at our restaurants for a large and sumptuous meal of Keralan delicacies and food you love. The climate is so nice that it feels that God has put the place in a comfortable air-conditioned state. Next time the plans are afoot, think Wayanad, choose Morickap Wayanad resort. You’ll love it!


There are lots to explore

You can visit prehistoric caves. Stand under a waterfall and be drenched to the bone. Wander through gurgling brooks. Surprise a herd of deer who will raise their head and look at you curiously. And you can go boating on Pookote Lake as it winds through lush forests. Wayanad is a perfect escape from everything and a transition to a wonderful place where children and parents find joy and communicate with each other, feel connected with nature, and understand the joy of the simple things in life.